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When you need driveway chipsealing services and would like to extend the life of an asphalt surface, then APS is your solution. We're one of the top chipsealing companies in Tucson, AZ. Along with providing lasting protection, chipsealing is also a cost-effective alternative to completely resurfacing your asphalt. If you have decided to opt for chipsealing, however, it’s important that you find the best contractor in your area to handle the job. APS Chipsealing & Paving can provide you with the first-class chipsealing services you’re looking for, so you can preserve your surface for many years to come.

What Is Chipsealing?

Chipsealing services uses two components. The first is liquid asphalt, which is applied to the surface you want to seal. Next, a layer of crushed gravel—or aggregate—is laid down. If necessary, an additional layer of sealing may be added. Once the surface has been cured, the process is complete! Now, your newly sealed surface should be effectively protected from traffic and other sources of damage.

What Are the Advantages of Chipsealing Services?

It’s easy to see the benefits of preserving your asphalt surface for as long as possible, especially at the lower cost offered by chipsealing. However, chipsealing also provides a number of other significant benefits. Chipsealing will:

  • Protect your asphalt surface from being undermined or damaged by water.
  • Shield your asphalt surface from the worst effects of sunlight exposure.
  • Help to protect your asphalt surface from becoming too slick, thus preventing skidding.
  • Lower the risk of chipping and cracking in your asphalt surface, thus reducing the need for repairs.
  • Provide a solution for minor cracks and imperfections in your asphalt surface.

Keep in mind that chipsealing is not a substitute for repairing extensive cracks, which will require separate repairs. Because of the aggregate used, chipsealing will also result in a surface that is not completely smooth. While road surfaces can still be used during the chipsealing process, the speed limit will need to be temporarily reduced. With this in mind, it is important to be sure that chipsealing is the appropriate treatment for your surface.

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