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Quality asphalt paving requires knowledge and expertise, and subpar work can mean that you’ll end up needing to have the work redone sooner than you should. You need one of the top asphalt paving companies Tucson, AZ has to offer. Our team at APS Chipsealing & Paving understands the challenges that come with asphalt paving. We have the experience and know-how needed to get the job done right the first time.

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What Is Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt is one of the most popular materials for paving roads. However, not everybody understands exactly what asphalt is. Asphalt, which is also known as blacktop, is comprised of several substances. These substances include sand, gravel, stone, and bitumen, which is a by-product of crude oil. There are a number of different types of asphalt. The most common type used for paving is hot mix asphalt.

While asphalt is an extremely strong material, it does require some maintenance in order to stay sound. If asphalt has been damaged by the aging process, weathering, or other factors, then you may need to have it repaired or even replaced by an asphalt contractor. That’s when it’s time to get in touch with APS Chipsealing & Paving!

Our Asphalt Paving Services

When you are searching for asphalt paving in Arizona, there are a few different services that your project might require. You may need new asphalt construction, which involves paving in a place where no asphalt is present. On the other hand, you may just need asphalt overlay, which entails placing a new layer of asphalt over an old one without removing any of the existing asphalt. It’s also possible that you simply need to repair damaged patches of asphalt in a paved road. Finally, you may need to remove an existing layer of asphalt and replace it.

Whatever your current project requires, you can depend on APS Chipsealing & Paving in Arizona to provide you with the reliable services you’re looking for. Our company offers a comprehensive selection of asphalt services, including asphalt repairs, overlays, crack sealing, sealcoating, and new paving. We can pave private roads in keeping with local regulations and homeowners association guidelines. In addition, we can remove and replace existing asphalt. Our team is here to ensure that you are able to get the professional-quality services you need for your project, whatever it may entail.

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If you are in need of professional sealing and paving services anywhere in the greater Arizona area, then it’s time to get in touch with APS Chipsealing & Paving. As the top asphalt paving contractors in Tucson, AZ, we provide a wide array of essential services, ranging from driveway paving to asphalt grading. Whatever your needs might be, our experienced team members will be glad to assist you. We take pride in making sure that all of our customers are fully satisfied with the services they receive, every time. If you would like to learn more about our services, give us a call today at (520) 382-7125.

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