Frequently Asked Questions

Very good question! One of the biggest differences between the two is the price. Sealing an existing parking lot would be much cheaper and easier than to pave a brand new one, unless of course it’s falling apart and has to be replaced. Think of sealcoat as a facelift for the pavement. It’s a spray that covers and seals the surface while making it look shiny and brand new. All driveway & parking lot replacement really is… It’s a newly paved surface, meaning the old one gets removed and new one get installed and leveled.

Well, think of it as a fresh coat of paint, which also happens to seal and prevent destructive elements from seeping through and deteriorating the foundation. It does cost less than big repair work and will look amazing once completed. Another cool feature is that sealcoat doesn’t take all that long to cure and you can start walking on it soon after it’s not sticky any longer.

We most certainly do. For any driveway/parking/lot work you need done, simply road. Contact us and request a free estimate. We will schedule a date and time to come and look at your property. Generally, we prefer to have the customer there, guiding us and explaining what exactly they would like to have done. If they aren’t available during the week and the work needed done is self-explanatory like a complete driveway replacement, then we can do an estimate without the owner present and call back (1-520-382-7125) with details.

We have done work on weekends before, for projects like school and mall parking lots. We understand that everyone has different needs and are open to work with anyone depending on their situation. Yes, weekend work isn’t all that fun, especially in the summer when the sun just isn’t playing games and blasts the heat like there’s no tomorrow, but we sure do it.

Yes! We want to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the end result, so yes, we will definitely give our honest opinion on whether sealcoating is the best option for you and if resurfacing is a necessity in your situation.

Tucson Arizona. But with high demand years ago, we expanded over the years to most of Arizona, basically Flagstaff south, and S. California. For very LARGE jobs, we may make exceptions. Please contact us.

Generally, we use commercial grade sealant for parking lots and driveways. Alternatively, we will utilize the general sealer which is usually kept as backup.

No, we do not. As an asphalt contractor, we purchase asphalt based on demand and will use it in combination with our machinery to get the work done. Many people ask whether we’re an asphalt manufacturer, we’re not.

We specialize in driveways, aprons and parking lots. Will also do road paving when needed. When it comes to the size, it doesn’t really make a difference, whether it’s a huge, commercial size, shopping center parking lot or small, residential, side road next to your house, we’ll get it done for ya in a blink of an eye.

​You bet! And it’s not just about the looks, even though it will look amazing once completed. Not many home buyers are looking to purchase a property that needs work done to it, because it’s a hassle and people are willing to pay more in order to not have to hire a contractor. It’s also a great thing to list on the profile for that particular property, and believe it or not, people love new stuff that comes as a part of something else, such as a home. We get great feedback, as some of our customers were able to raise the price as sell their home, while making 2 to 3 times return on investment into that driveway and the side road. Contact us.

Other Questions

If you have another question, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to assist you!