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Grounds maintenance takes on many forms and there are many things property managers must keep up with, and proper care and maintenance of paving and asphalt spaces is high on that list. Chipsealing services were created by engineer John McAdam sometime in the 1800s. This innovative approach is still used today though it has gone
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The driveway is one of the most important parts of your property. It’s also one of the most overlooked when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Driveway sealing is an easy and effective way to protect your driveway from the damaging effects of weather and traffic. Here are some tips to help you get the
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A newly paved driveway is aesthetically appealing. However, asphalt pavement deteriorates with time due to extreme weather conditions and consistent use. Your asphalt pavement will eventually need replacement or repair. The common types of repair are asphalt sealcoating and paving. Although many people think the two processes are synonymous, they are mutually different. Here are
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Parking lots are an essential part of every business’s property, no matter what your industry or size. They provide a place for customers to park their cars while visiting your establishment. A good parking lot should allow easy access in and out with plenty of space for everyone to find a spot without being too
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There are many reasons why chipsealing is a great option for resurfacing asphalt. To begin with, a chipseal costs much less than a conventional asphalt overlay (about one-fourth to one-fifth less). Chipseal paving also extends the life of the asphalt pavement by up to 7 years, depending on the type and amount of everyday traffic.
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Are you wondering whether you need to seal your driveway? Typically, the rule of thumb is driveways and parking lots should be seal coated every two to three years for normal use. Here are other signs to help you decide if your driveway needs sealing. Your Driveway is Cracking Asphalt pavement deteriorates over time, especially