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Have you ever driven down the road and seen dozens of asphalt repairs taking place? Have you ever wondered what is happening and why roads are wearing down so quickly? Simply put, more travel is occurring on roads than ever before, to the point where it has almost become a crisis. Understanding these issues can
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A pavement is any ground surface that you can walk on that can support a significant amount of weight. Pavements are primarily built by asphalt contractors to distribute the load from the top surface to the natural soil and are used by automobiles and pedestrians. The building of roads and pavement has changed over time,
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The average individual uses roads every day as transportation from one destination to another. They play a crucial role in socio-economic activity by ensuring easy mobility for goods, services, and people. But despite the ubiquitous use of roads, very few people notice the difference in types. Paved vs. Unpaved Roads Although different road types exist,
Sealcoating parking lots
According to statistics, there are approximately 2.3 million miles of paved road in the United States, and over 90% is made out of asphalt. Maintaining this asphalt is important, and one way to do that is through seal coating. Discover the benefits of sealcoating parking lots. 1. Protects the Asphalt From Weathering The number one
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To Get A New Driveway Or Not?

Your driveway is a critical part of your home, but you probably don’t even pay much attention to it. You may not even notice when there is a small problem like cracks and other signs of wear and tear. There are many things, like oil, freezing temperatures, the weight of a car, that can damage
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Grounds maintenance takes on many forms and there are many things property managers must keep up with, and proper care and maintenance of paving and asphalt spaces is high on that list. Chipsealing services were created by engineer John McAdam sometime in the 1800s. This innovative approach is still used today though it has gone